My Recently Visited Services

The supply order form should be used by UCM employees when supplies or materials need to be ordered for the office or a project.

The parking permit request should be used by UCM employees when we are hosting non-Miami employees on campus.

The contract routing form should be used by UCM employees when a contract needs to be reviewed and signed by Miami. There are two types of contracts that should be submitted through this form: 1) a new agreement with a vendor or 2) a statement of work (SOW) with a vendor that already has an agreement with Miami.

Request an Emma Email account. Emma is an enterprise email marketing system used Miami University.

The expense report form should be used by UCM employees when one of the following expense transactions needs to be made: P-Card Purchase, Purchase Order, or Purchase Order Change Request

This form is used to request services from AccessMU and should only be completed by faculty and staff.

Request a Google Analytics account for your existing Cascade website. Google Analytics are built in to our Cascade websites. Your account will give you access to create your own filters and segments.

Enroll in Cascade training. Cascade Server is the content management system (CMS) used by Miami University.

Request a new Cascade account.

Slack is a communication and collaboration tool primarily used by UCM for direct messages. The Slack Request Form should be used to request new Slack accounts for UCM team members (full-time or student workers).