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Benefits of using the tool:

  • Easily create beautiful branded email communications, with no coding required
  • Program and automate email delivery for optimized open rates
  • Segment your audiences for better personalization
  • Find the best message/content to engage your audiences through A/B testing
  • Receive detailed reports to help determine communication effectiveness with analytics

How much does Emma cost?

Cost is based on the total number of active email contacts in the system (used or not) each month but billed quarterly. Cost-sharing is approximately $0.005 per contact per month (6,000 contacts equates to $30/month).

Our account has a cap of 400,000 contacts per month. If contacts exceed the maximum in a given month we are charged an overage fee of $0.025 per contact. Departments will be responsible for paying for their contacts and their share of the overages. To prevent overages and unnecessary costs departments should clean out their email lists every month and archive or delete contacts that they will no longer use or don't need for the next month.

It is important for you to clean out the contacts that you are not using every month. If you do not clean them out Emma will still charge for those contacts even if they do not receive any emails.

Account managers will be sent a report at the end of each month showing the account's contacts for the month and the associated costs.

If you have any questions or need additional assistance with account setup, please contact us at or 513-529-7596.

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