Staff Development Overview


Miami provides a variety of web-based training tools and in-person training free of charge to all faculty, staff and students on topics ranging from computer software packages to business and soft skills. Below you will find a list of the tools available to the Miami community and a brief description of what that tool offers.

Capabilities, Benefits and Key Features

  • Manage Training
  • Learn Online
  • Web Based Training:
    • Hoonuit
      • Hoonuit is an online technology training and professional development tool for educators.
      • Miami's license allows all faculty, staff, and students to access nearly 50,000 step-by-step tutorials on common software such as Microsoft Office, Adobe CS6, and workshops and technology integration projects on emerging topics such as plagiarism and online courses.
      • Available 24/7 from campus or home, Hoonuit creates flexible learning opportunities that make it easy for learners of all ages to embrace technology and develop critical skills for success at school, at work and in life.
    • SkillPort
      • Online business/personal skills and technology training.
  • Instructor-led Training:

Who may use it?

  • Students, faculty, and, staff

How do I get started?

Updated: 9/12/19

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