Electronic Conferencing Overview


Provides teleconferencing and video conferencing for the Miami University community.

Capabilities, Benefits & Features

  • Communications and collaboration
  • Meet remotely
  • Teleconferencing
    • Ad Hoc - up to 6 parties
    • Bridge Conferencing (MeetMe) - up to 20 parties
  • Video Conferencing
    • ​​Webex supports meetings with 2-3000 participants via Internet connection 
    • Classroom-to-Classroom (H.323 Standard)
      • H.323 video creates a two-way interactive connection between facilities that have the compatible equipment. Uses cameras and microphones to allow groups to interact.

Who may use it?

  • The Miami University Community (Students, Faculty and Staff), including alumni, potential students, and corporate partners


  • Electronic conferencing is available at no cost

How do I get started?

  • Teleconferencing: Refer to the Related Articles
  • Video Conferencing: Go to the Access Webex and Arrange a Video Conference (Classroom-to-Classroom) Service Requests
  • For more information click the green Request Help button on this page.

Updated: 6/30/15

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