Document Storage Overview


Provides document storage offerings (e.g., M-drive, MUFiles, etc.) and commercial services like Google Drive. Web document storage allows users to store and collaborate on documents and other files over the internet. Documents stored using these services will remain available if the client’s computer breaks, because the documents are “backed up” on the web document storage service.

Capabilities, Benefits and Key Features

  • Data Services and Storage
  • Store Data
  • Provide Cloud Data Storage
  • Documents stored with this service are commonly used for academic, administrative, entertainment, and personal purposes
  • Some web document storage solutions allow clients to edit and manage documents as part of the solution. For example, Google Drive allows clients to edit documents using the related Google Docs solution

Who may use it?

  • All students, faculty, staff, and some University guests


  • All of the typical services are available at no cost to the end user
  • Some University departments and other groups may elect to pay for enhanced storage options

Updated: 9/11/2019