Request: MUFiles / Modify permissions


  • Change permissions on a network drive
  • Check the permissions of a staff member who is not able to access a shared space
  • Access to a network drive
  • Change permissions for MUFiles
  • Access the R drive 
  • Create a new folder in MUFiles
  • Access a folder in the H drive


  • File Storage & Sharing
  • 10411: MUFiles


  • The approval of a manager, dean, department chair, or someone of equivalent status is necessary before any permissions are applied. If you are NOT a manager, dean, or department chair, IT Services will contact the supervisor named in the request form to obtain their approval



MUFiles: Change permissions


Article ID: 16842
Tue 9/27/16 7:56 PM
Wed 7/26/23 12:44 PM
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Provides document storage offerings (e.g., M-drive, MUFiles, etc.) and commercial services like Google Drive. Web document storage allows users to store and collaborate on documents and other files over the internet. Documents stored using these services will remain available if the client’s computer breaks, because the documents are “backed up” on the web document storage service.
Faculty and staff may use this form to request changes to the permissions of files and folders in the MUFiles storage space.