IT Security


IT Services provides data and network risk, security, and compliance resources to the Miami University community.


  • Provide Consulting and Security Assessments
  • Review Compliance
  • Review Policy
  • Review Security Infrastructure
  • Provide Incident Response
  • Provide Security Awareness
  • Manage Centralized Logging
  • Prevent Network Intrusion
  • Provision SSL Certificates
  • Perform Vulnerability Scans
  • Store Historical Data about Vulnerability Scans
  • Manage Firewalls


  • Dedicated Enterprise IT Security Resources


  • Divisional University IT Staff can access select security tools

Compromised System or Device Request delegation of email address IT Services Secure Disposal Request Forensic Imaging Security Review Self Assessment


Service ID: 13145
Mon 5/2/16 5:58 PM
Thu 3/9/23 4:03 PM

Service Offerings (5)

Compromised System or Device
This form is used by bradlesw to generate tickets for systems or devices that are suspected of being compromised.
Request for Forensic Imaging
This form is to be used by members of the IT community at Miami University when a device needs to be forensically imaged.