Jabber: Install and configure on a PC

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  • Install and configure the Cisco Jabber app on a Windows computer



  • 440389: Jabber
  • PC, Windows computer


  1. Follow this link to download the Cisco Jabber app for Windows
  2. Allow installation
  3. Click Finish
  4. Launch the application, if it doesn't start automatically
    • Note: If you have existing Jabber files on your computer, the app may attempt to log in with outdated information
    • In this case, click Reset Jabber
  5. Click Advanced Settings
  6. Select Cisco IM & Presence
  7. Click Save
  8. Enter your Miami email (UniqueID@MiamiOH.edu)
  9. Click Continue
  10. In the Cisco Jabber window, look for your it\UniqueID and log in using your MUnet password
  11. Click the gear icon in the top-right of the Cisco Jabber window
  12. Select Options
  13. Select Accounts in the left column of the Preferences window
  14. Complete or update your voicemail username and password — usually your UniqueID and MUnet password



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