Jabber: Install and configure on a Mac

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  • Install and configure the Cisco Jabber app on a Mac computer



  • 440389: Jabber
  • Mac computer


  1. Follow this link to download the Cisco Jabber app for Mac
  2. Follow the prompts to install the application
  3. Quit Jabber
  4. On your Mac, go to http://www.users.miamioh.edu/choutem/jabber.html
  5. Click Open Cisco Jabber
  6. Sign in using your UniqueID and your MUnet password (click Sign In)
  7. In the pop-up window, use your Miami credentials to log in to adfs.miamioh.edu
    • This is to allow Jabber integration with Webex
    • If you have existing credentials for Webex saved in your Mac, you might be prompted to allow Jabber access to them — enter your Mac security password to allow
  8. In the settings area, click on Meetings and change your Calendar Integration to your preferred settings
    • This will let Jabber know that you are in a meeting
  9. You may need to restart Jabber after making a change
    • If you selected Google:
    1. After restarting Jabber and logging in, a pop-up for Google will appear
    2. Sign in using your Miami email (UniqueID@MiamiOH.edu)
    3. Log in using your UniqueID and your MUnet password
    4. When prompted, provide second-factor authentication through Duo
    5. Select Allow
  10. Jabber may notify you of detected configuration changes: Sign out of Jabber and sign in again to apply changes
  11. To permit Jabber to operate from an off campus location (without VPN): Sign in to Cisco Unified Collaboration using your UniqueID and Cisco telephone system password



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