Cisco Jabber / Install and configure on an iOS device


  • To provide instructions on installing and configuring the Cisco Jabber app on an iOS device



  • 440389: Jabber
    • Cisco Jabber
  • iOS device: iPhone or iPad


  1. On your iOS device, go to the Apple App Store
  2. Search for and select the Cisco Jabber app
  3. Click Open
  4. Click Install
  5. Review prompts to ensure you know what access you are giving to the Jabber app:
    • Optional: Click Allow to give Jabber access to your contacts
    • Optional: Click Allow to permit Jabber to send notifications
  6. Review the 911 warning and click Accept to accept the EULA
  7. Scroll through the new features and click Get Started Now
  8. Click OK to give Jabber access to the microphone
  9. In the initial login screen for first-time setup, enter your, and then click Continue
  10. Log in using your UniqueID and your MUnet password
  11. Optional: If provided, follow the prompts to scan your fingerprint and configure Fingerprint Authentication to make logging in quicker
    • Note: Some versions of iOS devices do not provide this feature
  12. If prompted, go to Settings to update your voicemail username and password — usually your UniqueID and  MUnet password
  13. When you are signed in through the app, click the circle with your initials in the upper-left corner to bring up your settings
  14. Update your Webex credentials:
    1. Click Webex site
    2. Select
    3. Log in using your UniqueID and your MUnet password
    4. Return to the main screen
  15. Click on the circle with green dot
    • You should now see a blue check mark next to each item




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