Viruses and Malware / Removal options, requirements for restoring network access on a personal computer


  • To provide information on computer virus and malware removal options and documentation requirements for restoring network access for personally owned computers


  • Miami Community
  • Miami Student
  • Any user of a personally owned computer


  • Personally Owned Computers
    • macOS
    • Windows 8, Windows 10
  • 10139: Wireless Network
  • 10684: DHCP
  • Security


  • IT Security analysts at Miami may block your virus- or malware-infected computer or device from network access in order to protect other devices and the network itself. You must confirm the removal of the virus or malware (via digital attachment) before network access can be restored


Removal options 

  • MiTech Computer Services technician performs removal
  • MiTech Computer Services technician re-images or reinstalls the operating system
    • MiTech Computer Services will re-image Miami Notebook computers free of charge
  • Reputable third-party computer repair service performs removal
    • You must present scan logs and an invoice or receipt from the third-party service as proof of removal so that your access to the network can be restored
  • Do-it-yourself removal — simply follow the appropriate procedure:
  • After your computer has been cleaned, reply to the email you received notifying you of your security block and attach your scan logs as proof of removal
  • Network Security will evaluate the security health of your device to verify that it is not longer compromised; the block will be removed within two business days



  • Stop by MiTech Computer Services Center in the Brick & Ivy Campus Store in Shriver Center, Oxford
    • Or contact MiTech by phone at 513-529-2600
  • MiTech does not provide walk-in repair services for University-owned hardware



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