Personal computer infected with virus or malware


  • My personal computer seems to be compromised
  • My computer has been blocked by Network Services for security purposes
  • My personal computer has a virus or malware
  • Do you have recommendations on computer virus protection?


  • 10684: DHCP
  • Personally-owned Computer
  • Security


  • The computer is infected with a virus and has been blocked by Network Services for security purposes


  1. Before the block can be removed, your computer must be cleaned of viruses and malware
  2. Save your scan logs (PDF, screenshot, or image) as proof of removal
  3. After your computer has been cleaned, reply to the email you received notifying you of your security block and attach your scan logs as proof of removal.
  4. Network Security will evaluate the security health of your device to verify that it is not longer compromised; the block will be removed within two business days




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