Remove viruses and malware from a Windows 10 computer

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  • How do I run a virus scan on my Windows 10 computer?


  • 10684: DHCP
  • University-owned Computers
  • Personally-owned Computers
  • Windows 10


  • From a virus-free Windows computer, follow this link to download the latest free version of Malwarebytes
    • Download Malwarebytes to a portable flash drive
  • Disconnect your infected computer from the network and do not use it again until you have finished this process
  • Enter Safe Mode and delete temporary files
    1. Click the Start button and press the Power button
      • Do not click anything
    2. Holding the Shift key, click Reboot
    3. In the full-screen menu, select Troubleshooting, then Advanced Options, and then Startup Settings
    4. In the next window, click the Restart button and wait for the next screen
    5. From the Startup Options menu, select option 4 (Safe Mode)
      • If you want to connect to online scanners, select option 5 (Safe Mode with Networking)
    6. To delete temporary files, type Disk Cleanup in the search bar and follow the prompts
  • Scan for viruses and malware
    1. Download Malwarebytes onto your infected computer from your portable flash drive
    2. Run the set-up file and follow the prompts to install the program
      • Malwarebytes will automatically activate a trial version that enables real-time scanning
    3. Switch from the Dashboard tab to the Scan tab
    4. With the default scan option, Threat Scan, selected, click the Start Scan button
      • Be sure to check for updates before running the scan
    5. Review the results of the scan
    6. Click Remove Selected button in the lower left screen to remove infections
      • Restart your computer, if Malwarebytes prompts you to restart in order to complete the removal process
    7. Run a full-scan of your computer with your current antivirus program
    8. Save the scan logs as proof of removal
      • You must present scan logs as proof of removal so that your access to the network can be restored
    9. Restore your computer connection to the network




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