Duo / Use the Self Service Portal


  • To provide instruction on using Duo's self service portal
  • To provide instruction on locating Duo's self service portal


  • 312306: Duo Security Two-factor Authentication


  • Duo devices can be added or removed through Duo's self service portal
  • The Duo Mobile app can be reactivated through Duo's self service portal


  • You must follow these steps to access the correct Duo window — you cannot access Duo's My Settings & Devices by direct URL
  • If you currently have no Duo method available to complete authentication, you will need to contact the Support Desk to request a bypass code to complete the authentication. Or if you have never enrolled in Duo, follow the steps here to enroll for the first time: Duo Start Here
  1. On your computer, open a private browser window
    • A browser session that is not currently logged in to Miami services is required to access Duo's My Settings & Devices — a private browser window is an easy way to be sure you have a fresh browser session
    • If you have the Remember Me option checked, you must use a private browser window in order not to skip past the Duo prompt and be automatically logged in
  2. Begin the log in process to any Miami University system by supplying your UniqueID and MUnet password, but do not complete the Duo factor yet
  3. Before supplying a Duo factor, click the Other options link — this will reload the prompt with more options
  4. Click the Manage devices link
  5. Now supply a Duo factor to authenticate your identity and complete your login 
    • If a user is attempting to reactivate Duo Mobile because of a new device, the user may need to use an alternative Duo factor such as SMS text codes
    • In order to receive SMS Duo codes click the Enter a Passcode button. A small blue pop up bar will appear. Click on the Text me new codes button
  6. Once the Duo factor is validated, the Self Service Portal will be displayed
    •  Click Add a device and follow the prompt to add additional devices
    • Click Edit for any device you want to remove or rename


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