Self Service / Install software on a University Mac


  • To provide instruction on installing software from Self Service on a University-owned Mac
    • Jamf Pro Self Service is macOS version of the Software Center for Windows


  • Software for University-owned Computers
  • 10188: Jamf Pro (Casper) Self Service 
    • Miami University Self Service Portal
  • macOS


  1. Press Command+Space-bar to open Spotlight Search
  2. Enter Self Service in the search field
  3. In the Miami University Self Service Library window, review the list of available applications
    • Click the Application link in the left-hand column to display additional software
  4. Select the software package you want to install
  5. Click the Install button
    • The software will begin installing automatically
  6. When installation is complete, locate your application in the Applications folder
    • Drag a shortcut into the dock



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