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  • How do I find my Banner+ number?
  • What is my Banner ID number?
  • Where do I find my student ID number?


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  • Your Banner+ (or Banner ID) number is a unique 8-digit number preceded by a plus (+) sign that is assigned to you when your information is added to Miami's administrative software. Miami uses Banner ID numbers instead of Social Security numbers for procedures that require proof of identification, such as change of schedule, independent study, changing name/address, confidentiality holds, and seeking permission for excess academic hours


Locate your Banner+ number on the Contact Information page

  1. Go to the Contact Information page
  2. Log in with your UniqueID and MUnet password 
  3. On the Getting Started page, look for your name and your Unique ID, followed by an eight-digit number — this is your Banner+ number
    • Example: Joan Q. Public (publicjq) / Banner ID: +00000000 / employee


Locate your Banner+ number in BannerWeb

  1. Log in to myMiami
  2. Click the BannerWeb icon in the left-side column
  3. Choose the tab or link that best corresponds to your primary role at Miami:
    • Student Services & Financial Aid
    • Employee Services Online
    • Faculty & Advisors
  4. In your chosen section, click one of the scheduling or employment links:
    • Students: Check under one of your Registration options, such as Registration / Change of Schedule or Student Schedule by Day & Time
    • Employees: Check under one of your Employee Service options, such as Employee Annual Appointment Letters or Pay Stub (Pay Information)
    • Faculty: Check under one of your Faculty options, such as Faculty Schedule or Class List
  5. Look for an eight-digit number, preceded by a plus (+) sign, next to your name 
    • e.g., +00000000


Locate your Banner+ number on the Admission site

  1. Go to the Admission application check website
  2. Log in with the email address and password you created when you applied to Miami
  3. Look for an eight-digit number, preceded by a plus (+) sign — this is your Banner+ number


  • If you are a current student, faculty, or staff member, you can also find your Banner+ number in the following documents:
    • DARS reports
    • Bursar bills
    • Telecommunications phone bills
    • Student, faculty, or staff employment records
    • Reports and timesheets printed from the Kronos time entry system for classified staff


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