BannerWeb Waitlist / Tips for Regional faculty and advisors


  • To provide guidance for helping students use BannerWeb Waitlist


  • Once a course has reached the cap listed, students attempting to register will see an option to waitlist for the course. When a seat becomes available, waitlisted students will receive email notification, with instructions on how to register for the course


  • Faculty and advisers


  • 10176: Banner Web Student Self Service


  • Students must meet all prerequisites and restrictions, if they want to be placed on the waitlist
  • Do not force-add students to a course if a waitlist is available. Encourage the student to add their name to the waitlist
  • Do not reduce the enrollment cap for a course with a waitlist. This will prevent activation of the waitlist
  • Students cannot waitlist for more than one section of the same course
    • example, STA 261 HA and STA 261 HB
  • Students can waitlist for multiple courses
    • example., STA 261 HA and ENG 111 HA
  • Students on a waitlist should be advised to check their Miami email every day for notifications
  • Students notified of an opening in a course must register for the course by the deadline given in the email notification. Students who fail to register for the course by this deadline will be removed from the waitlist. They must then re-register for the waitlist, and they will be added to the end of the list
  • Notify Records and Registration (Hamilton at 513 785-1820, or Middletown at 513 727-3217), if the waitlist process is not functioning properly



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