Remove or forget a wireless network in OS X

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  • How do I remove a wireless network from the list of networks on my Mac?


  • 10139: Wireless Network
  • macOS
    • OS X


  • If you experience an issue when connecting to a wireless network on a computer running OS X, try forgetting the wireless network. This enables the computer to reset settings — usernames, passwords, or configurations — allowing the device to reconnect to the network 


  1. To forget or delete a wireless network in OS X, select the Wi-Fi symbol in the menu bar
  2. Click Open Network Preferences from the drop-down menu
  3. In the Network window, select Wi-Fi in the left panel
  4. Click the Advanced... button
  5. Choose the wireless network you want to delete and click the minus (  ) button
  6. Click OK
  7. If prompted, click the Apply button to confirm changes
  8. You may need to uninstall the MU-WIRELESS profile if you have it installed. This can be accomplished by going to System Preferences > Profiles. Remove anything that references MU-WIRELESS by selecting it and clicking the minus () button




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