Make changes to a closed Canvas course


  • I want to add an instructor to a Canvas course that ended last semester
  • I need to open a closed course for a single student
  • I have a Canvas site from last semester and I want to add someone to the site
  • I want to add someone to an old Canvas site
  • I need to enter grades at the end of term but update the grades


  • 10185: Canvas


  • To make changes to a closed course, the course end-date and section dates must be extended


  1. If the goal is to add someone to a closed class with student information and grades then request a master course site  to avoid any FERPA violations
  2. If a student needs access to a closed course you can follow the steps in the guides — note that once the course is open it is open for ALL students
    1. This Canvas Guide article offers instructions on how to change the start- and end-dates for a course
    2. And this Canvas Guide article will tell you how to edit a section to adjust section end-dates to match the course dates
    3. Make your changes to the course
      • Remember to return the course end-date to end of term when finished



  • eLearning Miami (ELM) offers Canvas training and guides
  • For all pedagogical issues, contact eLearning Miami | ELM at 513-529-6068


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