Survey Tools


Allows for the creation of custom surveys using  Qualtrics.

Capabilities, Benefits and Key Features

  • Assessment
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Users can create and distribute their own surveys and gather information in support of the university's educational mission and organizational goals

Sponsored Accounts

Faculty and staff can request a Qualtrics account for a graduate student or a student employee, or faculty may elect to request student accounts for a class project. These accounts are referred to as 'sponsored' accounts and remain active on a per semester basis. To get a sponsored account, students should log in to Qualtrics to create an account; then the sponsor should contact IT Help.

  • Undergraduate student accounts are created with a reduced feature set and will require collaboration with the faculty or staff sponsor
  • Graduate student accounts are granted full access and require less interaction with the faculty or staff sponsor

Who uses it?

  • Students, Faculty, and, Staff


  • No

How do I get started?

  • Click the Qualtrics button.
Qualtrics Request Sponsored Student Qualtrics Account


Service ID: 9093
Mon 6/8/15 11:54 AM
Wed 3/22/23 10:04 AM

Service Offerings (2)

Request Sponsored Student Qualtrics Account
This request will allow you to provide a student with a sponsored Qualtrics account for creating and editing surveys. Before submitting this request, please have the student log into Qualtrics at to create their account.