Qualtrics / Create and access your student account


  • To provide instruction on creating and accessing a student account in Qualtrics when:
    • Students in a course have created their Qualtrics accounts but need access to develop a survey
    • You are a student and need access to create a survey/project using Qualtrics


  • Miami University Student


  • 10335: Qualtrics


  • Faculty and staff already have access to Qualtrics
  • Student accounts must be sponsored on a semester-by-semester basis


  1. Go to Miami's Qualtrics portal and log in to create your initial student account
  2. Contact your instructor and ask them to complete and submit a request to sponsor your Qualtrics student account




For internal use


Request Sponsored Student Qualtrics Account


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This request will allow you to provide a student with a sponsored Qualtrics account for creating and editing surveys. Before submitting this request, please have the student log into Qualtrics at http://miamioh.qualtrics.com/ to create their account.
Allows for the creation of custom surveys using Qualtrics.