Content Management System


Miami's Content Management System offers a modern experience for presenting static content on the web.

  • Content intended prospective students is managed by University Communications
  • Content intended for other audience, such as current students, employees, potential employees, or alumni, is managed by authorized editors

Capabilities, Benefits, and Key Features

  • Miami brand themes and graphical design elements
  • Flexible layout options
  • Shortened URLs, frequently called web aliases, for use in emails or other media
  • Set review dates for ensuring content stays fresh and relevant
  • Data collection through Google analytics

What can I expect?

  • Fast Load Times
  • Content and navigation meets MCAG2.0 Accessibility standards
  • Mobile friendly content using adaptive design

Limitations / Technology Requirements

  • Modern web browser

Who may use it?

  • Employees who are designated as editors for their departments

Is there a charge to me or my department?

  • No charges for out-of-box functionality
  • Plugins for sites using Wordpress blogs may require departmental funding

Additional Resources

Training materials for managing websites, working with images, and more.

Brand guidelines, design standards, and policies

Cascade: Remove Orphaned Files or Folders Request a Wordpress Plugin Request a Wordpress Site Request a WordPress Theme Request to Create or Modify an Alias for a Miami University Website Request Web Redirect


Service ID: 50531
Mon 7/12/21 2:19 PM
Wed 3/22/23 9:42 AM

Service Offerings (7)

Cascade: Remove Orphaned Files or Folders
Cascade users who want to delete or move a file in Cascade without unpublishing it from the server can use this form to request the removal of orphaned files or folders.
CEC Website Content Updating
Making updates to web pages published in Cascade or other places.
Request to Create or Modify an Alias for a Miami University Website
Departments, divisions, and student organizations may use this form to request the creation of a new web alias (i.e., the modification of an existing web alias, or the removal of an existing web alias.
Website Redirect
The web hosting services formerly known as Units, Users, and Orgs has been decommissioned effective 17 December, 2021. For websites formerly hosted on this platform, a redirect to a website at its new location can be requested using this form.