Procedure: (M)drive / Map on macOS

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  • To provide instruction on mapping (M)drive on macOS


  • CIT Faculty, Staff, Students 


  • Personally Owned Computer 
    • macOS


  1. If you are off-campus, connect to the Miami VPN
  2. Open Finder 
  3. Press Command-K (⌘K) on your keyboard
  4. In the Connect to Server dialog box, click the drop-down in the Server Address field and select smb://
  5.  To access the (M)drive server, enter<firstletteruniqueid> after smb:// in the Server Address field
    • Replace <firstletteruniqueid> with the first letter of your UniqueID
      • example: If your UniqueID is smithxyz, your field should contain smb://
  6. Click the plus button at the bottom-left corner to add the server to your Favorite Servers list
  7. Select your server and click Connect 
  8. When prompted to verify that you are attempting to connect to the server, click Connect to continue
  9. When prompted for authentication, enter your UniqueID in the Username field and enter your MUnet password  
  10. Click Connect



  • Miami offers a solution to map your drives: Visit our Service Catalog to learn more and download Nomad
    • Nomad does not work for the CIT Web server
    • Nomad will change your personal computer's password to your MUnet password
  • It is also advised to only use Safari when connected to the Miami VPN. Security issue warnings may occur if you use any other browser such as Chrome or Firefox when connecting to a University web service.


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