Photo Roster / Drop a student from a course


  • To provide instruction on dropping a student in Photo Roster


  • 10328: Photo Roster


  • The roster drop application is only available through the first 60 percent of the term or part of term; once the drop period ends, drops may only be accomplished by invoking the class attendance policy found in the Student Handbook


  1. Log in to myMiami
  2. Select the View My Course Photo Roster task
  3. After selecting the term for the desired course, click the Photo Roster  link under the Action column
  4. Select the red downward arrow icon to the left of the student's name 
  5. In Last Attended Date, choose the appropriate options for the date of last attendance  
  6. Select Drop Student From Course 
  7. Verify the confirmation message



  • Dropping a student will prompt an email to be sent to the student and the instructor
  • For additional information about class rosters and the Photo Roster app, contact the University Office of the Registrar by phone at 513-529-8703 or by



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