Miami Email / Set up on an Android device (Gmail App)

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  • To provide instruction on setting up your Miami email account on your Android device


  • Miami Email
  • 10262: Google Mail (email e-mail)
    • Gmail App
  • Smartphone
    • Android


  1. Download Gmail app from the Play Store
  2. Tap Gmail on your iOS device
  3. Tap SIGN IN
  4. Tap Add account
  5. On the Add Account screen, tap Google
  6. On the Gmail sign-in page, enter your full Miami email address (<UniqueID>
  7. On the MUnet login page, enter your Unique ID in the Unique ID field,  enter your MUnet password in the Password field
  8. Click Login
  9. On the Accounts screen ensure the account is on and tap Done


Configure your device for Miami email





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