Google Account / Set up G Suite apps on macOS


  • To provide instruction on configuring Mac OS X to access Miami's Gmail and other Google apps


  • 11357: G Suite (Google Apps)
  • Mac OS X, versions 10.6–10.15


  • Mac OS X versions 10.6–10.15 contain native support for access to Miami's email and Google Apps environment


Configure Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Messages, and Notes

  1. Click the Apple menu icon in the top left corner
  2. From the Apple menu, select System Preferences...
  3. In the System Preferences window, click the Internet Accounts icon
  4. In the Internet Accounts window, click the Google icon and when prompted, click the Open Browser button
  5. In the Google information box, enter your Miami email address (
  6. You will be redirected to the Miami CAS login page. Enter your UniqueID and password and then click Login
    • If prompted, complete Duo authentication
  7. When prompted to select the apps you want to use, select the Google features you would like to sync and then click Done:
    • Mail
    • Contacts
    • Calendars
    • Messages
    • Notes



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