Request: Voicemail / Reset my password


  • Reset a forgotten voicemail password
  • Reset a forgotten voicemail passcode
  • Reset a forgotten or expired voicemail PIN


  • You must be connected to Miami's network from an on-campus location or via VPN to access the Cisco portal
  1. Connect to Miami's network
    • If you are off-campus, use the Cisco Virtual Private Network (VPN) client
  2. Copy/paste this URL in your browser address field to go to the Cisco Personal Communications Assistant:
  3. Log in using your UniqueID and MUnet password
  4. Select Messaging Assistant
  5. Select Passwords
  6. Select Change PIN
  7. Enter a new PIN
  8. Confirm it by entering it again
  9. Save





  • 10716: VoIP 
    • Voicemail


For internal use



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Tue 3/13/18 11:31 AM
Tue 9/21/21 7:07 AM
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