Cable TV / Assistance needed to recover TV channels


  • To provide troubleshooting, workaround, and assistance instructions to recover cable TV channels when:
    • One or more existing TV channels no longer appear in your cable line-up


  • 10720: Cable TV Infrastructure
    • Marcum Conference Center
    • Athletic Facilities
    • Simpson-Shade Guest House
    • Police Services
  • Television is connected to traditional coaxial cable


  1. Check the televisions in other rooms in your building to see if the channels appear
  2. If the channels appear in other rooms, try the following:
    1. Make sure the TV settings source is set to Cable
    2. Perform a channel scan in your TV settings
  3. If the channels do not appear in other rooms, contact IT Help by phone at 513-529-7900 or by live chat session at to submit a request for assistance. Provide the following information:
    • The cable jack ID from the faceplate on the wall
    • The channels you are missing





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