Philo IPTV / Watch on a Roku device


  • To provide instruction on setting up Philo IPTV on a Roku device


  • 79013: Philo IPTV
  • Personally Owned Device
    • Roku
  • Miami University Residence Halls


  • Philo is available to all students living in Miami residence halls
  • Philo provides end-user assistance for all technical support issues
    • Miami University provides authentication and authorization services only


  1. Most Roku devices will automatically detect and connect to the MU-Gaming network
  2. These Philo Help Center instructions will tell you how to set up Philo on a Roku
    • Recommendation: Use your Ethernet connection, if your Roku has an Ethernet port
    • Choose MU-Gaming as your network for optimal streaming when using wireless
  3. Access Philo at Miami University Philo — just sign in with your Miami credentials
    • The system will recognize students who live in the residence halls and allow you to connect to the service
    • Philo is supported over MU-Wireless and on-campus physical network connections
      • Philo is not supported over MU-Guest



  • Miami University IT Services does not provide end-user support for this streaming service
  • Have a question about Philo? Visit Philo Help Center — Philo has all the answers!
  • Philo is only available on Chrome and Firefox
    • Users attempting to watch Philo on a personal device using Internet Explorer or Safari will receive a message redirecting them to a supported browser


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