Miami Network / Connect a Roku device


  • To provide instruction on connecting a Roku to the Miami network
    • A Roku device in a residence hall must be registered for and connected to the MU-Gaming network


  • 9583: Access Network
  • Personally Owned Device
    • Roku
  • Miami University Residence Halls
  • MU-Gaming 


  • While having the capacity to be connected to a network, certain devices lack web browsers and must be connected to the MU-Gaming network. These devices include:
    • Roku devices (players)
    • Game systems (e.g., Sony PlayStation, Microsoft X-Box)
    • Apple TV
    • Amazon Fire Stick
    • PVR/DVRs (TiVo, ReplayTV)
    • VoIP phones
  • Most devices will automatically detect and connect to the MU-Gaming network. If for some reason yours does not, go to our MU-Gaming Device Registration page and register your device on Miami's network



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