(template) Best Practice: [Service Name] / [Subject]

Statement of Best Practice

  • (Requirement or provision that best practice places on or extends to University or department)
  • (Expectations of provider)
  • (Expectations of user)


  • (Responsible party by position title, not by name)

Reason for Best Practice

  • (Reason why the best practice exists: the benefit extended, the issue addressed) 

Entities Affected by Best Practice

  • (Identify roles or units affected or governed) 
  • (Exclusions)


  • (Roles and responsibilities essential to the administration and/or compliance of the practice)


  • (Define terms that have specialized meanings in the practice)

Best Practice

  • Best Practice section 



  • (List and link to source document)


Related Documents, Forms, and Tools 

  • (List and link to related standards, procedures and other internal or external documents that provide helpful, relevant information. Include links to forms or tools that are required for compliance with the practice)


Revision History

  • (Date): (action taken)



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