JMP Pro / Renew or update license


  • To provide instruction on updating an expired JMP Pro license


  • 335461: SAS JMP
    • JMP Pro
    • JMP Pro 13, JMP Pro 14
  • Software for Personally Owned Computers
    • macOS
    • Windows


  1. Click the appropriate link to download a current license for your version of JMP
  2. Log in using your Miami credentials
    • A text file will be saved to your downloads folder (e.g. JMP140_9C6VHD_70112175_Win_X64.txt)
  3. Run the application
    • PC user: Right-click on the JMP application and select Run as Administrator
    • Mac user: Run the program from Applications
      • If prompted, enter your password and press Enter
  4. Click Open License
  5. Select the license file downloaded in your downloads folder and click Choose/Open
  6. Click OK (Do not enter any information for Administrator Name or Department)
  7. You should see a message confirming that your license has been accepted
  8. Click OK



  • If a new license update is not yet available, contact IT Help at 513-529-7900 to request assistance
  • If updating before the end of October, during the grace period: 
    1. Go to File, click New, and click New Script
    2. Enter Renew License() in the script window, then click Edit, and click Run Script
    • After a 60-day grace period, you will be prompted to renew your license immediately upon launching the application


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