Download and install JMP Pro on a Mac

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  • I want to download and install JMP on my macOS


  • Software for Personally-owned Computers
  • 335461: SAS JMP
  • macOS


  1. Download and install JMP Pro 14
    • Enter your Miami credentials, if prompted, to begin the download
    • The installer will be saved to your Downloads folder
    • Do not power off, put to sleep, or disconnect from the network until the download completes
  2. Click the file, which is located at the bottom of your browser window; the .dmg file will open
    • The SAS JMP.dmg file contains both the .pkg installer and the license file (JMP.per)
    • The JMP Pro disk image file (.dmg), will also appear on your desktop
  3. Press the Control key and double-click the JMP Pro package file (.pkg) to begin the installer
  4. When prompted to accept that the package is from an unidentified developer, click Open
    • Note: It is not typically advisable to ignore this warning
  5. Follow the prompts to complete the installation
  6. When the install finishes, choose to Keep the install files 
    • After launching the software for the first time, you will be prompted for the license; keeping the install files allows you to navigate to the license file that is contained inside the DMG
    • If you choose to remove the install files during the installation, you can locate and remount the DMG from your trash folder to find your license
  7. Press F4 to open Launchpad
  8. Locate and click JMP Pro 14 to start the application


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