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  • Tableau is a well known software for data analysis and visualizations.  It's used in a number of Miami's departments due to its flexibility
  • Oracle Analytics Server is the university's enterprise Business Intelligence solution with structured data models behind it.  Its source data is primarily from Banner. With Workday replacing Banner as our ERP, the University will be transitioning to its reporting tools
  • IT Services maintains a Tableau Online environment and facilitates the purchase of Creator, Explorer, and Viewer licenses for departments
  • The Creator licenses are for those departments that create and manipulate data sources; Explorer licenses allow the development of visualizations, analyses, and calculated fields; while the Viewer licenses allow departments to share their visualizations with data consumers and decision-makers


  • IT Services maintains a Tableau Online environment
  • To gain the budget and productivity benefits from scale, IT Services coordinates the purchase of Tableau Creator, Viewer, and Explorer licenses on behalf of the University
  • Miami's administrative offices request the purchase of Creator, Viewer, and Explorer licenses for their users

Cost & Tableau license types

Tableau has a detailed comparison of the license types:



  • For those who need to configure connections to new databases and other data sources, and/or configure heavy data prep activities. (E.g. Finance Director)
  • $645/year (price approximate based on volume; resold by IT Services and prorated based on the timing)



  • For those who will work with existing data sources published in Tableau Online by Creators. Explorers are able to make new calculated fields, new visualizations, statistical analysis, etc., to manipulate the data and make new insights to share with others. (E.g. Budget Analyst)
  • $393/year (price approximate based on volume; resold by IT Services and prorated based on the timing)



  • For those who need to see and interact with existing reports and visualizations in Tableau Online in order to make business decisions. (E.g. Retail store manager)
  • $150/year (price approximate based on volume; resold by IT Services and prorated based on the timing)




  • Staff (primary audience)
  • Faculty and Students (for requesting free-of-charge use for academic purposes only)


  • 1149664: Tableau

Technical Support

  • The BI Team in IT Services will ensure the Tableau Online site is working and available.  The team will schedule data refreshes as requested; however the team will not support development within the Tableau tool.  This includes working with data, calculations, and creating visualizations.
  • For all other support, feel free to visit the Tableau support community via Miami's #tableau Slack channel, email listserv, community-based help online, or register for the recommended course online





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