myMiami / Select and organize Favorites


  • To provide instruction on creating and organizing Favorites in myMiami


  • Miami University student, faculty, and staff


  • Miami community members can choose Favorites that best fit their Miami workflow. This allows them to tailor the content in myMiami to their role and gives them the most relevant information right at the top of the homepage


  • 1097993: myMiami


Select a Favorite

  1. Navigate to
  2. Sign in to myMiami by selecting Sign in in the upper-right corner
  3. Navigate to a task (box or tile) that you would like to add to your Favorites
  4. Select the heart icon in the bottom corner of the task


Organize Favorites

  1. Select Edit Favorites on the homepage of myMiami
  2. Click and hold the bars on the right-hand side of each task in the list
  3. Drag the tasks to move them up and down the list, to your preference



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