Courtesy Account / Renew an account from a different authorized requester


  • To provide instruction on renewing a courtesy account that had previously been requested by another user
  • I need to renew a courtesy account but it is not on my list of accounts


  • Authorized requester of courtesy accounts


  • 10218: Courtesy Account


  • Sometimes an authorized requester leaves the University or is unavailable, and someone else needs to request the renewal of a courtesy account. There is no process for transferring "ownership" of a courtesy account, so the new requester must request the account as if it were new, then add a note that the request is actually a renewal


  1. Open the Courtesy Account Request tool
  2. Log in with your Miami credentials
  3. Select Request a Courtesy Account for a New Person
  4. Fill out the request as if the user were a new person
  5. In the Comments field, explain that this request is actually a renewal and provide the UniqueId of the account to be renewed


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