Microsoft 365 / Identify license type on a personal computer


  • To provide instruction on identifying the type of Office software license you have on your computer


  • 10314: Microsoft 365
  • Software & Apps
  • Windows


  • Microsoft Office can be licensed on a PC in one of two ways:
    • Office is installed through Miami's Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) portal for active faculty, staff, and students
    • Office is installed through individual purchase of a single-use license key, e.g., Office 2016,2019


To determine how Office was installed on your computer:

  1. Start any Office application on your computer (e.g., Word or Excel)
  2. Click the File menu, and then choose Account
  3. Under Product Information, look for one of the following license types:
    • Subscription Product: Your Office software was installed through Miami's Microsoft 365 portal, so you will be prompted when a new version of Office is available
    • Product ActivatedYour Office software was installed with a single-use license key, so you will need to purchase any new version of Office



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