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Explain Miami ID Cards



Miami University Student, Faculty and Staff ID Cards


  • Student ID Cards: 
    • Miami University ID cards are typically issued to incoming students during Summer Orientation, which takes place during June.
    • Transfer students receive their cards during Transfer Student Orientation, which is scheduled immediately before the beginning of each term.
    • New graduate students can visit the H.O.M.E. office in 111 Shriver Center or email for information.
  • Faculty/Staff ID Cards:
    • All employees are entitled to a Miami University ID Card.
    • To obtain an ID card, bring your Personnel-issued card to the H.O.M.E. office in 111 Shriver Center. Your picture will be taken, and you will be issued an ID card.
  • Payroll Deduction:
    • Faculty and staff who wish to charge university purchases to their ID Cards must first sign up for Payroll Deduction.
    • To sign up for payroll deduction, log in to myMiami and click the Employee tab. Scroll to the My Account Information area and click I want to sign up for Payroll Deduction.
  • Community Member ID Cards:
    • Community Member cards are issued to provide access to the Recreation Center. These cards are issued when a person joins the Recreation Center or enrolls in a fitness class. Community Member cards are created at the Recreation Sports Center Pro Shop.
  • Transactions that use the Miami ID card include:
    • residence hall access and access to many campus buildings
    • merchandise and food purchases at several campus locations
    • meal plan and on-campus laundry services on the Oxford campus
    • copiers and printers on the Oxford, Middletown, and Hamilton campuses
    • Print Center services on the Oxford Campus vending on the Oxford, Middletown, and Hamilton
    • parking garage transactions on the Oxford campus

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