Point of Sale Overview


The point of sale service provides the mechanism by which paying customers are presented with a price for the selected products and associated taxes and discounts and then authorizes payment for them.

Capabilities, Benefits and Key Features

  • Revenue and Funds Management
  • Purchase
  •  A hybrid of service packages, methods of payment, and product types are used in numerous combinations depending on the specific venue
  • All point-of-sale packages provide product/service details and itemize by product, bundle of products, or product line:
    • Cash registers
    • Self-checkout Tablets
    • Self-order Kiosks
    • Online Storefronts
    • Self-checkout Registers
    • Hand-held Registers

Who uses it?

  • Dining venues
  • Bookstore locations
  • Goggin Ice arena
  • Recreational Sports Center


  • Yes. Price negotiated depending on specific needs

What type of technology can be used to consume this service?

  • Depends on the specific point of sale solution, but include:
    • Micros Register
    • Web browser
    • Tablets

How do I get started?

  • Contact David Schaefer (schaefdm@miamioh.edu) to discuss options

Updated: 6/25/15