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Services or Offerings?

departments can request universal gift cards after receiving approval from Accounts Payable for on-campus purchases at all dining locations, Rec Center, Bookstore, vending machines, and Concessions.

Faculty/Staff Car/Van Pool Agreement/Registration.

After submitting this form, your request will be reviewed by the Campus Services Center. Your request is not approved until you receive notification from the Campus Services Center. You will be notified by email when your request has been approved.

If you have signed a housing contract for next semester, or are required to live on campus as part of our two-year requirement, but your plans have changed and you will not be on the Oxford campus, please complete this form. This form will notify the Campus Services Center of your change in plans so that we can update your account.

Nursing Department staff to submit for nursing student who has a lost/damaged Nursing ID Badge

Rec Center Community Member ID Card Request Form

First and Second Year students who are required to live on campus may submit this form to request an exemption to Miami's Residency Requirement Policy. This is a request for the Full Academic Year listed on the form. Please do not sign a housing contract if you plan to apply for an exemption. You will not be eligible to file an exemption if you have a signed contract on file for the term of which you wish to be exempt. Responses to exemption requests will be sent to students by email.

If you have specific Medical or Disability approved accommodations on file through the Miller Center for Student Disability Services, please complete this form to renew your accommodation for next school year.  We will continue to honor those approvals, and will use the information on this form to help find the best location for you. If you do not have an approved accommodation on file with the Miller Center, please contact them to initiate that process through their website at

We will contact you to verify your assignment for the indicated school year as soon as we have it finalized. Please keep in mind that this is only a request, but we do our best to place you in or near your requested location!