Exceptional Transportation Need Request Form

Students who have an exceptional transportation need and do not otherwise qualify for a parking permit may apply for privileges.

Before submitting a request for an exceptional transportation need, please read Miami's Motor Vehicle Regulations to understand the criteria for the exceptions and alternatives (such as the log-in privilege).

Please Note:

  • Class standing alone is not adequate justification for upgrading parking privileges.
  • Parking and Transportation Services staff may confer with activity advisors, hall directors and/or the appeals committee when determining whether to grant exceptional transportation need requests. Please allow up to 2 business days for processing.
  • Vehicles must have a valid Miami University parking permission at all times as required and park according to the posted restrictions. Submitting an exceptional transportation need request is not a substitute for a valid parking permit nor a defense for illegal parking.

If you have already purchased a parking permit for your vehicle and are approved for upgraded privileges, you may exchange your existing permit and pay the difference to receive the upgraded parking permit.

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