Install a Roku Device on University Owned TV


Faculty and staff may use this form to purchase and install a Roku device for university television services.  Roku devices are connected to the university wired network.  If a data jack must be installed, additional time and cost will be necessary. 

IT Services will provide a quote before installation.

There is no cost for viewing the university television service, but departments and divisions are required to purchase necessary equipment such as television monitors, mounts, cables, Roku devices and/or data jacks.


Select the Get Started button to submit your request for a quote and if approved, install and setup a Roku device.

Estimated Roku device cost is $100.

If a data jack is needed:

  • Cabling to existing outlet: $300 if needed within 35 business days or $500 if needed within 15 business days
  • Installation of new outlet:  $200 - $500 (requires field verification for estimate)
Install a Roku Device on University Owned TV


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