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Slack is a communication and collaboration tool primarily used by staff at Miami University. This instance of Slack is delivered by IT Services and is available for all staff at Miami. There might be other instances of Slack operating within different groups, but this instance meets all records retention policies set by Miami University. For more information about Slack please visit the Slack website


Slack is a paid service for a full access license. This full license gives you the ability to use all the features in Slack, including making custom channels and adding integration with other tools. The cost of this license is $22.50 per user per year. There is also a single-channel guest license that is free but comes with many limitations including the ability to only join one channel. We are also limited on the number of single-channel guest licenses that we can issue.

Use the Request Access button on this page to complete and submit your request.

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Wed 3/18/20 9:49 AM
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