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IT Services installs video cameras and cabling infrastructure and manages storage of video data. Faculty and staff can use this form to request the purchase and installation of a security camera. Camera installation is typically completed within one month of installation approval.  

Capabilities, Benefits & Features

  • Manage security cameras
  • Manage security video data
  • Rolling 30 days of video data retained 

Process & Cost

  • An IT Services engineer will contact you to schedule a site review and develop a quote
  • A typical installation, including cabling, costs estimates are usually between $1,000  - $1,500 including the cost of the camera. Actual cost may be lower and will be determined during a site visit with digital camera consultants
  • IT Services will coordinate the installation of the camera(s) and cabling infrastructure with the contractors
  • There is an annual support cost per camera that funds the maintenance and upkeep of the service. Annual costs will be part of the quoting process

Additional Resources

  • Click the Request Change button on this page to initiate a variety of requests related to security cameras:
    • Purchase and install (obtain a quote)
    • Request access
    • Reposition camera
    • Relocate existing camera
    • Request service/troubleshooting
    • Export security camera footage
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