Digital Signage Overview


IT Services supports the digital signage service and installs the equipment. Each department or division creates and manages content for digital signage.  

Capabilities, Benefits & Features

  • Manage digital signage
  • A managed and supported customer-facing IT service  
  • Site visit and price quote provided by IT Services engineer; on-going equipment support will be via chargeback of our digital signage contract per sign.

Process & Cost

To request the installation of digital signage equipment, click the green Request Quote button on this page.

A typical signage installation including cabling and a monitor is approximately $2,500. Actual costs will be determined during a site visit with an IT Services engineer. On-going costs are $150 to $200 annually, depending on the overall cost of our contract with our digital sign provider, Four Winds Interactive.

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Updated: 8/31/21

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