Digital Signage Overview


IT Services installs the equipment needed for departments to display digital signage. University Communications and Marketing provides the service to create and manage content for digital signage.  

Capabilities, Benefits & Features

  • Manage digital signage
  • A managed and supported customer-facing IT service  
  • Site visit and price quote provided by IT Services engineer; on-going equipment support will be via chargeback of our digital signage contract per sign.

Process & Cost

To request the installation of digital signage equipment, click the green Request Quote button on this page.

A typical installation including cabling costs $2,500. Actual costs will be determined during a site visit with an IT Services engineer. On-going costs are $250 to $300 annually, depending on the overall cost of our contract with our digital sign provider, Fourwinds Interactive.

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Updated: 5/6/16

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