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IT Services provides the capability to scan, manage and securely store electronic documents.

To purchase a clicker handheld device, visit the Miami University Bookstore or visit vendor hosted Turning Technologies Student Store.

Provides document storage offerings (e.g., M-drive, MUFiles, etc.) and commercial services like Google Drive. Web document storage allows users to store and collaborate on documents and other files over the internet. Documents stored using these services will remain available if the client’s computer breaks, because the documents are “backed up” on the web document storage service.

Use this form to obtain advice regarding the purchase of hardware, peripherals and other technologies.

Software for University-owned and personally owned computers may be acquired through the software store or and other Miami and Miami-affiliated websites. If you are looking to purchase a piece of software, please visit and request it through the software store if you don't see it listed.

The CSC ServiceWorks service app is a quick and simple method of reporting service issues to ASI Campus Laundry Solutions. Available through Google Play or the iTunes store, the app allows the user to simply scan the license plate on the machine needing repair. All of the information required to place a service request will populate automatically, including the exact location of the machine.

Faculty, staff, and students may download the Canvas Mobile App for iOS.

CampusClear is a free, daily, voluntary, COVID-19 self-assessment app

The Chrome Extension for Miami Directory lookup provides an easy way to access Miami's online directory from a Chrome browser window.

Student Response Technology (Clickers) are an interactive tool used to do frequent, in-class educational assessment such as polling and quiz-taking.

The Miami Notebook program combines the laptop computer you want with the service and support you need. Miami selects and pre-configures a selection of Apple laptops to meet your academic and lifestyle needs for up to four years.

Miami faculty, staff, and students can use Filelocker to conveniently and securely share files with other people both on and off campus.

Service provides resale of Verizon mobile phone service directly to individuals or to departments.

IT Services provides data and network risk, security, and compliance resources to the Miami University community.

Miami's AppPortal technology streams applications to your computer or device, making the application appear as if it is running on your computer.

Miami's AppPortal Applications technology streams applications to your computer or device, making the application appear as if it is running from your computer or device. This technology relies on Microsoft's RemoteApp and Desktop Services. AppPortal technology provides access to Banner, MInE, & Kronos, as well as access to Windows applications for Mac users and CSE 148 students.