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Services or Offerings?
Allows faculty and staff to make permanent and convenient paper documents and records useful to complete work assignments and create durable records for record retention purposes and information distribution.

The One Stop provides information and answers questions in the areas of scholarship, financial aid, registration, billing, payment, and student records.

Human resource administration functions including hiring and managing employee records. Used by Miami staff and job applicants.

Slack is a communication and collaboration tool primarily used by staff at Miami University. This instance of Slack is delivered by IT Services and is available for all staff at Miami.

Aggregation of information regarding a student to assist with advising or other retention related inquiries.

IT Services enables departments to provide call center capability for their customers.

IT Services provides the capability to scan, manage and securely store electronic documents.

Service provides a set of tools used to supplement teaching of a course or provide a single online-course experience.

Articulate Studio allows you to create PowerPoint‑based courses easily.

Miami University uses ​Hyperion Production Reporting. Once you have completed the initial training, an IT Services Data Support Specialist provides one-on-one assistance for the tool.