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The point of sale service provides the mechanism by which paying customers are presented with a price for the selected products and associated taxes and discounts and then authorizes payment for them. Nutritional information, including allergens, is displayed on digital signage located at dining venues.

Need additional help or requesting something you cannot find in the service catalog? Chat with our chatbot, Swoop, or use Live Chat to speak to an advisor.

IT Services provides an automated test scoring service for faculty.

Reserve an appropriate classroom or event space for ongoing or single events.

FBS Divisional offices will use this form to request specific help from FBS-IT that is NOT related to Miami desktop software or hardware or questions about email or other programs that are in general use across the entire university. For that, please contact IT Help via normal methods (phone, chat, or email).

Requests for FBS-IT Help are typically fulfilled within 4 business days, though certain reporting changes will take longer.

Student Response Technology (Clickers) are an interactive tool used to do frequent, in-class educational assessment such as polling and quiz-taking.

GooseChase blends together the tried-and-true fun of scavenger hunts with mobile technology to create educational experiences for students.

LastPass is a single sign-on and password manager solution.

Student, faculty, and staff gain entry to buildings and rooms across all electronically controlled Miami campus doors using their Miami ID card or a mobile app.

Provide common tools and processes that extend our IT Service Management for use in non-IT contexts so that the university office has measurable, efficient transactions and visibility into the full lifecycle of the services they provide.

IBM SPSS Statistics is a comprehensive, easy-to-use set of predictive analytic tools for business users, analysts, and statistical programmers.