WinSCP / Install and use to connect to network file storage on Windows


  • To provide access to download and instruction to install WinSCP on Windows
  • To provide instruction on using Secure FTP to access files stored in the M drive on IT Services-maintained servers (i.e., MyFiles, MUFiles, and departmental file space)


  • 12582: Windows File Sharing Service
    • MyFiles or MUFiles
  • Software for Personally Owned Computers
    • Windows



  1. Download and install WinSCP
  2. Launch WinSCP
  3. In the Login dialog box, ensure the File Protocol is SFTP, and then enter in the Host name field
  4. Enter your UniqueID in the User name field
  5. Enter your MUnet password in the Password field
  6. Click the Login button
    • Your local file store will be displayed in the left-hand panel, and your remote Windows file store will be displayed in the right-hand panel
    • Navigate down a file path by double-clicking on a folder; or navigate up a file path by double-clicking on the up arrow icon, located at the top of the column
    • To transfer a file, navigate to the appropriate folders in both panels, and then simply drag-and-drop the file between the panels
    • To upload a file from your local computer to the Windows file servers, drag the file from the left-hand panel to the right-hand panel
    • To download a file from the Windows file servers to your local computer, drag the file from the right to left


  •  WinSCP access to resources other than MyFiles or MUFiles may require additional permissions for access from off campus


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