Cyberduck / Install, use to connect to network file storage on macOS


  • To provide access to download and instruction to install Cyberduck on macOS
  • To provide instruction on using Cyberduck to access files stored in the M drive on IT Services-maintained servers (i.e., MyFiles, MUFiles, and departmental file space)


  • 597249: Cyberduck
  • 12582: Windows File Sharing Service
    • MyFiles or MUFiles
  • Software for Personally Owned Computers
    • macOS 



Install Cyberduck on macOS

  1. Download Cyberduck
  2. Double-click the downloaded PKG file
  3. If the PKG file opened with an error, secondary-click (right-click) it and select Open
  4. Follow the prompts to install Cyberduck


Set up Cyberduck for use with Miami University filespace

  1. In the Cyberduck window, select the Bookmarks Tab
  2. Click the (plus-sign) in the lower-left corner of the screen
  3. Click the FTP (File Transfer Protocol) drop-down menu and choose SFTP (SSL File Transfer Protocol)
    • Nickname: Miami University filespace
    • Server:
    • Username: IT\<your Miami UniqueID> 
      •  Example if your UniqueID is publicjq, your login would be IT\publicjq
    • Password: Your MUnet password
  4. Close the window


Access files using Cyberduck

  1. Double-click Miami University filespace in the Bookmarks tab
  2. Click the Always checkbox and click Allow to accept Unknown fingerprint
  3. If prompted, enter your MUnet password for and click Login to log in and save your password to your keychain
  4. In the Browser tab, you can navigate through folders and files
    • To download a file to your Mac, double-click the file
    • Copy/paste files to and from your local Mac
    • Drag files to and from your Mac
    • To create a new folder, secondary-click (right-click) in the browser window and select New Folder
    • To delete a file or folder, secondary-click (right-click) the file or folder and select Delete



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